Give yourself, and your team, a creativity boost.

by Admin on March 5, 2010

Use your chicken as a Mental Warm up Exercise in a staff meeting. Create a simple competition over who can come up with the most uses for a rubber chicken, or, using an example such as the above, see who can invent the best caption for a photo of the staff flock.

Quickly assign teams (i.e. 2+ folks) by who is sitting together, who need to collaborate together, heck, use whatever floats your boat. A team competition will usually generate more energy and more answers.

Use this exercise as a fun way to warm-up your team’s “out of the box” creativity, before focusing them on a serious issue. If you use it before a brainstorming session  it can also be a way to remind them of the rules of brainstorming.

Used at the beginning of a meeting, it lets you start on time, with something fun and relevant, but not so critical that it has to be repeated for late comers. Plus, when late arrivals realize they’ve missed out on the fun, they’ll make more of an effort to be time for your next meeting!

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